Tuesday, December 20, 2011


this is the converted train bridge i run across.  
the top is rusty.  the view is always changing.
the shadow of the bridge goes in the water.  sometimes i see myself running across it.  
in cincinnati we are very lucky to have many "rails to trails" places to run and bike.  it gets us outside.  do you have a favorite fresh-air place?


  1. Gorgeous bridge shots. That top one is my favorite. Can I count the beach as a fresh air place? I love seeing all your walks.

  2. Like Lauren, I just love to see your surroundings. When I lived in San Francisco many, many years ago, I use to trail run. I miss it. Your photos bring up those wonderful memories. Now, we walk in our neighborhood. It's nothing to complain about, but it's not trail running.

  3. Hello Noreen - just catching up and see that you nominated me for an award, thank you soooooo very much - very kind indeed x
    Thanks for visiting the Lane and have a Merry merry Christmas wont you?

    with love, Sarah -x-

  4. Nice spot to run and clear your mind or work stuff out! Margie

  5. noreen, the top 2 photos are so beautiful. i have never been a runner {i was a swimmer}. your posts make feel like giving running a go. my favourite fresh air place is our property... and the river at brunswick heads xxx


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