Friday, December 23, 2011

urban christmas

 train stations can be beautiful.  historical and interesting.

 lego rockefeller center.

 the car (facade) was inside the window.  

my life motto, writ large.  joy to you!


  1. I love the huge JOY! I hope you have a huge JOY framed somewhere in your house because it really IS your motto. Joy to you dear this holiday and in the new year. xo

    The Lego Rockefeller Center is pretty cool too!

  2. Nice Noreen. Really like that train station photo! Margie

  3. And wishing you lots of joy for 2012.

  4. I love an urban Christmas! Great photos! And I am gifiting many a lego this season to little ones, so I appreciate the Rock Center photo! Merry Christmas!

  5. i love this! the lego rockerfeller center is so awesome!!! yes, lauren was correct, the HUGE joy is amazing and totally fitting for you!
    merry christmas honey xxx


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