Friday, December 2, 2011

terry's turf club

 dear husband was away for the evening, and the children did not have school in the morning.  after running errands, we tried a new-to-us burger place.  we had trouble finding it, but when we asked directions, they said, "you can't miss it!"  now we know why.

 there are no regular lights.
 but the food is really interesting!  
  i know a few people who would agree with this sign.  you won't find a 5 cent anything here, though.
 the staff is very friendly, and we felt welcomed.  
 people at other tables smiled and posed for me.   
 the refrigeration in the shape of bottles behind the bar is from the 1950s.  
 i had a burger with a wine sauce with truffles, mushrooms, and sauteed onions.  delicious.   the children were happy, too.  one had a burger, while the other had a b.l.t. with six pieces of bacon.  
 patriotic ketchup
 the abolitionist, harriet beecher stowe, moved to cincinnati when she was 21 in 1832.  cool neon.
this man behind the bar was charming.  there was also a welcome-person full of interesting information.   if you are in cincinnati, check out terry's turf club.  joy to you!


  1. Oh wow! I LOVE places like this! How was your burger? Although I would have been hard pressed to pass up that BLT! We have a place here called Doumars (birthplace of the first ice cream *cone*) and they DEEP FRY the bacon for the BLTs...but I digress. Awesome post! Sounds like a great choice for dinner! I love hearing about your town.

  2. The burgers are too big for me but tell me next time your hubby is out and if mine is too we can go to Zips together. Burgers are good and much more reasonably sized. :) Mary R

  3. lauren - you need to visit cincinnati, and we'll go. then you can argue with yourself about blt or burger. alexandra, you too! next time you come, we'll go. mary, absolutely! let's go to zip's! (the burgers were huge, and we all brought home half our sandwiches. good leftovers.)

  4. I love the fact I never know where you are going to take me next Noreen. Long walks with nature, old architecture, the beauty in bridges and now burgers. It's a fascinating journey with you.

  5. janine, thank you - that's it exactly. beauty is everywhere! i just try to notice it and share it. here they even had patriotic ketchup! and don't forget the book reviews. i'm due to review some children's books, but my students have them at home so it will have to wait. see you!

  6. I love Terry's. You are making me homesick!! Maybe we can have our lunch here when I am in town in the Spring. Always up for an American burger. x, Beth

  7. terry's looks amazing! 'lump crab on your burger'? interesting. noreen, your choice of burger sounds gourmet and divine x

  8. Went to Terry's once and loved the food and the different atmosphere. Not sure why I haven't gone back again. Plus, they give water to thirsty runners who pass by after just a little begging! :)


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