Monday, December 26, 2011


 the museum of modern art in nyc is a joy.  here is balzac, rodin's larger than life sculpture which greets you when you enter.  
 behind balzac, a wall of windows opens to the sculpture garden.  the mop bucket just adds to the appeal.  
 every part is beautifully designed.  here is an entrance to the elevator.

 my sister-in-love told me to step over the light and pose.  so i did.  the guard approached quickly.  whoops!  

 lichtenstein and pop art is so fun.
 claes oldenburg's big wilting fan - larger than life, and appealing.
 modigliani stretches people.  love.

 many picassos - love the lines in this one.

 matisse painted his son practicing the piano.  unusual and interesting composition.  and large!
these picasso musicians are much more powerful in person.  i'd seen them postcard-sized, but in person they are bright, active, compelling.  visiting original art is like vitamins to me.  more another day perhaps.  joy to you!


  1. Thanks No Very nice taking the tour again !

  2. Thanks for the peeks ! Way to sneak in and become part of the art - i love it ! ; )

  3. I hope to visit MOMA one day! Thanks for sharing the pics, I want to make that day even sooner now :-) BTW, I'm glad your SiL got to snap the photo before the guard shooed you away! That is a great photo!

  4. So love this. We're going to a Picasso exhibition in Sydney in February now you've made we want to go today.

  5. I love the photo of you that your sister took. Even though you got shooed, it was worth it. I so need to schedule in visits to museums. It is like vitamins, but I always forget to take my vitamins. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  6. Good to see we are not the only ones who get reprimanded in museums! That would have been an irresistible shot for me too.


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