Sunday, December 25, 2011


visiting new york is lots of fun.  
the urban landscape is full of interesting views.
lots of people live there.
daylight cuts through the buildings.
art - like this venus  - is in nyc.
theater, too.
and friendly police officers who help keep you safe.  would you live there?


  1. I have lived there and would again in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't feel the same :-( It is a wonderful city full of life and I miss living there dearly! Lucky for me we are now only about 40 minutes away, so I can visit whenever I want ;-)

  2. Would I? Absolutely, and I do (sort of) .. I am 35 minutes away on metro north train. Most if my clients r in NYC. I love the tranquility of my home and the vibe of NYC so we found!

  3. I'd really, really like to visit (lots of saving to do to make that happen tho').

  4. i would love to go to nyc one day. the first photo is lovely!!! even though i love living in the bush i do get 'city life' caravings from time to time... xxx

  5. I adore New York. My daughter lives there. These are fabulous shots Noreen. Makes me wish I was there. Margie

  6. You just made me really miss New York. I once lived there about ten years ago. We try to visit when we can. Southern California is home now, but I'm hoping one the kids will move there (for college or life) so we can visit.

  7. I would live there in a heart beat. Not sure my husband would though. He needs more green space and growing things. I keep hoping for a sabbatical; you never know!

  8. Awww ... I love NY! And yes, I would live there in a New York minute. There is nothing like the energy of NYC. I would love a country or seaside escape if I lived there though. Hoping to visit when we are in the US this year.


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