Wednesday, December 21, 2011

top 5

top 5 wonderful things about the last day at school before christmas break:

5.  no uniform - fun christmas clothes 
4.  everyone is feeling festive 
3.  the cookies and chocolates 
2.  the time to do fun crafts, like this one from deborah valesquez's helpful blog
1.  the chance to say "thank you" and appreciate all our helpful volunteers, fellow staff, and amazing parents.  

  the sky on the way home from school was a bonus. 

merry christmas!


  1. great list! happy holidays noreen! i hope your break is wonderful xxx

  2. Gorgeous sky! That IS a bonus! Happy holidays, dear, and enjoy! I almost did those magnets...hope to see how yours turned out!

  3. When my boys were little we would make gingerbread houses after the last day of school... With frosting and candy and crumbs spread about the kitchen... It set the theme of the week .... Relax... Have fun... Not stress over a big mess! Happy holidays... Enjoy your break!

  4. Same to you and yours Noreen! ENJOY! Margie

  5. That sky is just shy of peacock blue, really beautiful. What a great craft idea! Who knew they were so easy to make. N, enjoy your break. You earned and deserved it. I have a few teachers in my life and their dedication always amazes me.


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