Tuesday, December 6, 2011

healthy reading

 as a mom, i try to keep our family healthy.  one way i do this is by keeping up with the latest health news through the tufts health & nutrition letter.  It's useful research.   
 i was very happy to see that dark chocolate is a health food.  

 eating well is another good read.  delicious recipes, current information.  
the december issue also has an article about how chocolate is good for you.
 what could be better?


  1. Dark chocolate is a health food - Yay! I knew I read that somewhere. Thanks for confirming. Now whenever I'm indulging in my favorite vice, I will refer to your post as proof that I'm doing my body good.

  2. Noreen, I really admire your wholistic lifestyle. I really want to become healthier this year - I think that I am in my mind, but I'm not in practice. :) I tend to gravitate toward all the articles that tell me that dark chocolate, coffee and red wine are good for me. Now I just need to get more interested in exercise.
    Thanks for being a positive inspiration.
    - H

  3. Heidi already said it, but a glass of red wine with a couple of squares of dark chocolate are a delicious way to end a day and feel good about it!

  4. red wine, dark chocolate, and coffee. yay for health! heidi, i READ "eating well", but i don't take time to make all the recipes. also heidi, fitting in working out is hard, but i love it. joy and good health to you three!

  5. so nice to see yummy foods that are healthy too. unfortunately i'm allergic to chocolate... really allergic! though i do love a glass of {preservative free} red wine x

  6. Having just scarfed down a brownie (well, half a brownie) for dessert, I can't tell you how relieved I am to read this!


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