Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hear the sledges with the bells - 
Silver bells!
What a world of merriment their melody foretells!
How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle,
In the icy air of night!
While the stars that oversprinkle
All the heavens seem to twinkle
With a crystalline delight;
Keeping time, time, time,
In a sort of Runic rhyme,
To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells
From the bells, bells, bells, bells,
Bells, bells, bells - 
From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells.

to enjoy this, read it aloud.  the repetitive sounds are beautiful.  our students are saying it and learning it by heart.  of course, being poe, the rest of the poem is a bit darker.  but this part is perfect for a winter of sledding and hot chocolate (santa, bring snow please!).  it has some great vocabulary words in it, too.  does anyone have snow?


  1. Ha, I just read this poem out loud to myself. Thank goodness my family is upstairs and didn't hear, or they'd think I was going crazy. :) I like the sound and the rhythm of it. You're right, it's beautiful.
    PS~Now I'm determined to find out the name of our trees.

  2. Oh, I'm totally sharing this with Callum! He studied Poe (not "pie" which I originally typed) this year and loved him. He'll want to read the whole poem, of course, but I may save this part for my Christmas post. Thanks for the introduction!

  3. Tintinnabulation is the word of the day. o<:)

  4. You are so right about reading it aloud. Pouring rain here in Michigan. Weird! Margie

  5. I love Poe. I love that poem. Only he could make bells so creepy. Now I'm going to have to go read the whole thing :-)

  6. Lovely! I'm surprised that is Poe lol! We got snow only one day in Chicago, surprisingly. Just rain right now.


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