Sunday, December 18, 2011


 i love winter because it's a time to rest, contemplate.
 there's not much difference between a picture taken in black-and-white and in color.
 also the cold weather gives you an excuse to stay inside wrapped in a warm blanket, and write in your journal.  hmm.  haven't done that yet, have you?


  1. noreen, it looks cold and beautiful! hope you find time to rest, contemplate and do plenty on journalling... happy winter day to you x

  2. gorgeous...I agree about the contrast. who needs black and white? no time to rest yet here, but much merry making instead! xo

  3. Since I started blogging, sadly two of my favorite things have fallen by the wayside - reading and writing in my journal. I am hoping to work both back into the night time routine, soon. Hm, new year's resolution??

  4. I have not journaled since college! Maybe I shold take that up again! I love the photos, they make me crave a fireplace, a blanket and some hot coco...


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