Monday, March 26, 2012


ran/walked 18 miles for the first time in 10 years.  last time, i was pushing a double stroller in the kansas city heat - well, no.  they wouldn't sit in the stroller that long.  but my weekday runs were with the kids.  i was sorely undertrained for that marathon. 
we'll see how it goes this time.  so far, so good. 
joy to you!


  1. Go you wild woman! How was your event this weekend?

  2. 18 miles! Go, Noreen! You're so inspiring. Yes, how did your conference go? I know you were working really hard and putting in a lot of time. Hope it went well.

  3. Your photos of the houses make it seem like a movie come to life - we don't really have that style of architecture in Australia yet we see it so often in the American movies we watch.

  4. Oh, hooray for you Noreen! Go, girl! I love all the green come to life and the houses...thinking of the things you pass as you go. Excited for you...

  5. Noreen that is so wonderful! and you are so inspiring! I hope all went well at your conference xxx

  6. 18 miles, 29 kilometers...that is a long way. Way to go, and beautiful route you went!

  7. @margie - wonderful. thanks for asking.
    @theresa - i'm crazy, but a happy crazy.
    @janine - that's so funny about our houses. you need to photo australian houses, so we can see what they look like.
    @lauren - you pass an amazing lot of stuff on a long run!!
    @leah - conference went well and it's finished. whew!
    @maria - yes, exactly.


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