Friday, March 9, 2012


 how about we add some play to the weekend?
 recess duty was a joy this week.  sunshine makes everyone happier.  
what's your joy this weekend?


  1. Cute! I am a pretty good player, LOL! Happy Friday My friend!

  2. Cute. Recess is the best. Rainy days are a teachers worst days, aren't they? I'm looking forward to the weekend and not being on a schedule. Have a good one! Teri

  3. Such a happy photo Noreen :-)

    I'm still post-influensa-tired and I don't think I will have the energy to do a lot this weekend. A boring must like laundry (it's reaaaallly piling up) HAS to get done though... And I'm sure I will squeez in some little play to! Like visiting my internet friends, haven't had time to do that for a few days.

    Have a great and hopefully sunny weekend!

  4. Oh so lovely! Yes, sunny recesses are much nicer!
    My weekend has been lovely, i wish it was a tad longer. Have a lovely w.e xxx

  5. Sorry I've been away. I've missed so much. Here we are already at Monday and the weekend has passed. Let's see, we usually have birthday parties, family dinner, and/or an outing of some sort. This past weekend, we had all three. It was a joy. Hope yours was great!


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