Thursday, March 15, 2012


before a montessori meeting, we had dinner in glendale.
the wall art depicts the history of the area.  the deafening (and i mean that in the truest sense) train whistle as we walked to the restaurant brought the history to life.
hey! didn't know there was a bob roncker's running spot here!  the best in cincinnati.
our restaurant.
 a burger or fish-n-chips.  
happy almost-friday!


  1. Whatever you chose to eat, I hope it was yummy. We have a city of Glendale here in Southern California. When I read your post title, I thought for a second that you might be in town. :) No such luck.

  2. Fish and chips! I just love how you show us bits and pieces of your town, Noreen. And I love the mural on the wall and that first shot of the sign for Glendale. Your photos are getting better and better!

  3. I just had Bangers and Mash last weekend! I'm learning to love British fare! The Cock and Bull looks like what I imagine an English pub looks like (I hope to find out in person one day). Love the pics as usual :-) Joyous Friday to you!

  4. I like the sign against the bright blue sky! I never heard of Bob Roncker, LOL! Shows how much of a runner I am. Happy Friday my friend!

  5. If I get it right, Glendale is a part of your city? The Cock & Bull looks a bit English, but in an American way I think. I'm no expert of course but I have been in a few English pubs anyway, both in London and in the countryside in Shropshire. Hope you had e good meal! I had fish and chips in a Brittish pub here in Malmö a while back, and it was horrible. I will stick to beer in that place in the future.

    You seem to go on many field trips with your school. Such a coincidence that you saw bluebirds just the other day :-) They are not such a strong symbol of happiness in Sweden as they are in the US, but ever since I saw The Wizard of Oz for the first time, I connect them with happy and free.

    Have a happy weekend! Love Maria

  6. Ahhh, an english pub... I have been to one of them in Sydney when i lived there. It was full of english backpackers, so it kind of felt like i was in england. The top picture is beautiful.


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