Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 some days ago i was supervising recess, holding a water bottle, and a soccer ball hit me hard.  the child who kicked it immediately apologized, and of course it wasn't his fault - i was standing on the field.  but when the ball hit me, i almost lost my breath.  "oof!"  sometimes it's the appropriate feeling, even when not whacked by a ball.  
someday i will make a real "mood board", but here are a few postcards i enjoy.  mondrian, diego rivera, jasper johns, and that "oof!" person, edward ruscha.  
ever had that feeling?


  1. Hi Noreen
    Your oof moment reminded me of knocking down my good friends Mom with a golf ball in my youth. I felt so badly, it was definitely an oof experience! Keep going with your mood board inspiration. I use them all the time and find them so helpful-you are well on your way!

  2. I keep threatening to do a mood board (even bought the white board), but haven't gotten around to it. It's on my very long list. Teri

  3. Well, that is an OOF moment! Whenever I stub my toe or bang my shin into some furniture is a definite OOF moment for me. I like your collection of postcards. Collected from various museum visits, I presume. Fantastic idea.

  4. Your "oof" moment made me smile... How well I know those! Better that word than another, yes?!

  5. I like how these 'OOF' moments makes us smile ... ummm, afterwards :) Glad u r ok! Guess they had u playing with them after all!!!

  6. Beautiful cards, I really like the OOF one :-) And I remember that feeling, even if I can't remember the moments right now. Except a few "getting a ball where you don't want it, and hard"-moments.


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