Wednesday, March 28, 2012


spring is beautiful.
the trick is to find time to get outside and enjoy it.  
here's hoping your day includes fresh air and a "no rush" time zone.
joy to you!


  1. Just came in from sitting on the front porch with Neel while the sun went down and the moon came up. Poor Callum was doing his homework, but his allergies are kicking in something fierce, so it's probably for the best. I love your gorgeous blooms!

  2. Yes it is! And we are all enjoying it so much earlier than usual. Lucky us!!

    Noreen, you need to consider making your blog a word verification free zone. Blogger word verification is out of control. Most times it takes three times to get a comment to go through. I have many blogger friends that refuse to leave comments on blogger sites anymore as it is such a pain in the buttski. Think about it. xx

  3. Really, really pretty blooms. Do you know what they are. I am so happy to see everyone sharing what is blooming in their respective areas. Like when we all shared our holiday homes. Brings us closer together.

    PS~To Margie's point, after seeing many requests, I did turn my blogger word verification off. Not a bad thing to consider.

  4. Hi Noreen, these blooms took my breath away just beautiful. Catherine x

  5. I want to come sit on the park bench. Absolutely gorgeous.

  6. i found your blog....beautiful pictures!
    this is my blog:
    i hope you also like!

  7. Wow, so beautiful! I enjoy spring at least a little time every day, when we have our afternoon coffe outside at work :-)

  8. Noreen, did u climb up the trees to take these AMAZING photos?? haha. Very beautiful!!!


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