Sunday, March 4, 2012

beautiful bloggers - top 3

top three things about the bloggers i know:
3.  they are busy people and work hard to make their blogs wonderful.
2.  they are always learning - studying photography or design or some other interesting skill.
1.  they are kind, smart, and caring.

some of those kind, smart and caring bloggers have passed the liebster award to me.  

many thanks to the liebster (dear one) givers:
lauren at still + life
maria at jamie says dream
berna at A62+B75=A02.L10

now i will pass the liebster to 5 wonderful people:
heidi at mish mash make
margie at latebloomerbuds
brooke at barefoot five
leah at sang the bird

all ten bloggers' beauty shines in their work and their devotion to their craft.  


  1. You've described perfectly why I love bloggers (and blogging)...I follow your top three as well.

  2. Hi Noreen nice top 3, i love stoping by
    xxoo Val

  3. i forgot to tell you how much I loved your branches post love it......


  4. HI Noreen-
    THANKS so much! It's so thoughtful of you to include me. I feel the same about bloggers as your top three, and of course you're included in that. I will be sure to pay it forward! Have a great and you've made mine! Teri

  5. Thank you for your kind words :-) Now I have some new blogs to check out tonight.

    It feels so great to be back at work, and to have energy again! Hope you are feeling tip top too!

    Love Maria

  6. Congrats dear Noreen, and thank you for thinking of me for an award. It always warms my heart when my blog comes to someone's mind for ANY reason! xx

  7. Noreen, thank you.... and some new blogs for me to check out xxx

  8. Thank you for the kind words, Noreen! I feel the same, I hope you know. This blogging journey is a lot of work, as you know. I'm glad you're along for the ride.


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