Monday, March 5, 2012

matthew (name changed)

matthew (name changed) went to summer camp at a wonderful place for kids with disabilities.  it's called stepping stones.  last year my 13-year-old volunteered there each week.  the children she and her friends worked with were in the 11 - 14 age group.  
she loved volunteering and came home with stories.

there's no picture of matthew, because i never met him.  but i know what he said, 
"i want TRAIN!"  a volunteer would draw him a train.  "i want ORANGE TRAIN!"  
or the next week, "i want DIAMONDS!" (draw a diamond?)
or, "i want RAIN!"  (how about a squirt from a water bottle?)
and, "I want TRUCK!"  he was happy and mischievous, and he knew how to make the volunteers do what he wanted.  

my child enjoyed her work with matthew very much.  

sometimes i think of him.  i'll think, "i want REST!" or "i want to READ!".  when we rush around for our children, families, and jobs, it's hard to remember that it's okay to WANT something.  so matthew inspires me, and i wish him only joy.  do you have a hard time realizing you want something?  if so, try matthew's way.  just shout it!


  1. Hmmm, I want to MAXIMIZE TIME (ok, I need to not dilly dally in the mornings and get to work). Thanks Noreen, Thanks 'Matthew'. So beautiful how EVERYONE can be an inspiration, many times .. in unexpected ways!

  2. Lovely post Noreen, filled with joy! Margie

  3. It is okay to want something. How else would we reach our goals?Also, sometime we need to tell people what we want and can't expect them to be mind readers. I like the reminder. Thanks! Teri

  4. Your daughter is so loving and giving.... she is like you.
    I sometimes feel guilty when i want something for myself.... but i'm practising balance at the moment xxx

  5. I absolutely love this idea. So simple, yet so effective. I also love that your children do volunteer work, something I definitely would love for our kids to do when they get old enough.

  6. Such a lovely story (and great that your daughter volunteered)as a reminder of taking care of our own wants and needs too. :-) Maybe it's enough just to tell ourselfs quietly but firmly...


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