Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 the river was like glass tonight, clear and calm.
 lots of families were picnicking and a little boy with no shirt watched us run by and smiled.  
 i had to stop and catch the sunset behind downtown cincinnati.
 the effects reminded me of a jmw turner - too beautiful to be real.  
joy to you!


  1. What a run this was!!! Beautiful my friend.

  2. I love how you captured the sunset and the silhouetted trees!

  3. Capturing this sunset! so magical and it feels quite spititual. I love it!

  4. so pretty. what a great scene to run past. the little moments are so nice to share with us, your readers.
    Thanks! Teri

  5. Beautiful sunset, Noreen. I'm so glad you stopped to photograph it. Spring is popping up all over.

  6. Looks like a really beautiful place to run, and you're right, that sunset is a Turner-moment. I hope your camera can take all the bumps from the run, because you catch such beautiful scenes.

    But I wonder...a boy without a shirt??? Didn't you have snow just a few weeks ago????

    Love Maria

  7. The third and fourth photos are really gorgeous. Wouldn't have a problem running in those surroundings. Boy without a tee shirt is a definite sign that spring is coming.


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