Tuesday, March 13, 2012


our catholic montessori school had a party saturday night to raise funds, and
i bought the 5th grade project during a friendly and funny auction.

a made-by-kids-and-keepsake beauty.  
been to any joyful fundraisers lately?


  1. Our kids went to private school. I cannot begin to tell you how many auctions we went to over the years. I even chaired the big kahuna back when. Fun and oh so expensive when you add it all up!! Wowzers, LOL!

  2. From the way you photographed the project, it looks like a beautiful piece of artwork. Worthy of framing even. My son's preschool has a harvest festival every year where parents and the local community put together pretty amazing gift baskets that are then auctioned off. For instance, last year someone donated a guitar from Maroon 5! It raised a pretty penny. Fun times!

  3. That bowl is just stunning! I love the picture; I agree with Theresa, it would make a beautiful notecard or invitation to next year's auction. Ah yes...I've spent many years in the toil of private school fundraisers. Well worth all the work for the benefits they bring your kids and your family.

  4. I LOVE that bowl! You totally scored! There are some very artistic, talented 5th graders at your school. Lu's school has Family Math Night this Thursday which is fun, though technically not a fund-raiser. You could frame that photo!

  5. Haven't been to any fundraisers, but I would have bought that bowl too if I was there! So great. Teri

  6. The bowl looks really beautiful, and so fun that kids in your school made it :-)

    I hope the sun shines over there too!

    Love Maria

  7. Gorgeous bowl! Photographed perfectly!
    We just had a disco fundraiser with the theme 'spots and stripes'. It was a fun night, but i didn't come home with a beautiful bowl...


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