Thursday, January 12, 2012

3 p.m.

 just as the children were bundled up and ready to go, the snow started.

 the classroom across the hall has a wall of ceiling-high windows.  they see the seasons up close.

an everyday beauty.  


  1. Oh you BIG TEASE. My parents are getting snow right now too. It was 67 here today. Boo hoo hoo. It'll be cold this weekend, but sunny. What fun is that? Now I'm off to stick my head in a bucket.

  2. How nice it is to see the snow coming down. We haven't had any snow yet this winter, in the very south of Sweden that is.

    You asked about the writing excercise, and it went well and I liked parts of what I wrote. The hard thing is to sit down and begin, once you do that it often goes quite well. I really like your photo of the curtain, and I think you are right about it looking diffrent on my blog. It was in a cosy kontext on your blog, and a more...well, melancholic context on my blog.

    And about wall decoration, more inspiration in todays post :-)

    Have a great weekend! Hugs Maria

  3. sorry about the spelling...hrmmm...kontext, with a k, is the swedish spelling. And I know it should be different, with the e... you are a teacher, so it's a bit embarrassing.

  4. So pretty! I bet the kids were buzzing with excitement. We've had snow all night and all day so far. I'm scheming how I can get the older kids out sledding and keep the baby warm.

    By the way, I'm getting more and more convinced that I'd like to attend your montessori school! :)

  5. Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere that had four seasons. It definitely adds interest to your days. Don't get me wrong, we basically get Fall and Summer here in Southern California and I'm not complaining. Helps us to get lots of Vitamin D, as you say. ;)

  6. i long to be there, in the cold, watching the snow! so beautiful, quiet...

  7. With that gorgeous snowy view I may day dream in class : O

  8. What a glorious vista.

    Your writing and the trees through the windows made me want to see a montage of photos depicting each of the seasons through the eyes of the children in this classroom.

    Happy weekend!


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