Tuesday, January 31, 2012


saturday morning in cincinnati was really cloudy.  the serpentine wall on the right is partially covered with the ohio river.  
it's really high and muddy with all the rain.
last wednesday evening it was raining, and i went to run with my group wearing a trash bag.  crazy.  but it's always a good day to get outside.  (this weekend i bought a jacket.)
tomorrow i'll share the rainforest part of the conservatory.  how's the weather where you are?


  1. Too warm for winter here. When we lived along the Susquehanna, it had steps that led down in to the water like that, but not in such a pretty serpentine. Beauty even in all that brown.

  2. Wow, the first thing I thought was the water looks muddy. You ARE a die hard runner my friend. I know the trash bag wasn't ideal, but the jacket will rock, LOL! Although from my photos from Sunday, it looked like we got a ton of snow, we only got a couple of inches and it was gone by Tuesday due to 50 degree weather. Today it is sunny and in the 40's already. So odd.

  3. Days like that have such a eerie yet wonderful feeling to me:) Great pictures! oh, have I told you that your motivation to get out and run has been such an inspiration to me..thank you!

  4. That little spot of sun on the bridge made me smile. That is the sun, right? Love that you captured it. You are a hoot and, yes, a die hard for running in a trash bag. You do what you gotta do though. Happy you got yourself a jacket.
    Like Lauren, our weather is too warm for winter/January, even for Southern California. They say back into the 80's this week!

  5. the last photo is a magical capture! it is a mild summer where i am. and so very,very wet! our water tanks are full though!


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