Monday, January 30, 2012

krohn conservatory 1

 it's january and
 gray outside.
 but here at krohn conservatory,
 there's lots of color.

 it smells of tulips, because 
spring comes early here.  tomorrow you'll see how it looked outside this weekend.  how's the weather where you are?


  1. Oh beautiful! I want to smell the tulip house! And those orchids! I bet they were just wonderful too.

  2. Our January weather has been anything but usual. The last week we've seen high 70's and some days have been in the 80's! It's all well and fine to have such nice weather in January, but at the same time it's kind of alarming. Al Gore is wagging his finger.
    I love all your shots of the flowers, especially the orchids. My girlfriend gifted me an orchid and I finally got it to rebloom. Something I've never been able to accomplish before.

  3. There's nothing like flowers to make a grey day better. We had a real summer like weekend, but it's cooled off today. I really want to have a little bit of winter, although it's usually like summer all year long here at the beach. Happy Monday! Teri

  4. Great minds...

    We were definitely on the same wave length my friend! Beautiful captures.

  5. We do not get to have those flowers around here, how beautiful


  6. noreen the orchid photos make my heart sing! a lovely way to spend the day!
    it is wet and soggy where i am. not flooding anymore but the ground is soaked!
    love to you {and joy of course!} xxx

  7. theresa - congrats on getting an orchid to come into bloom! and our winter hasn't been at all normal either. warmer and rainier. no snow yet. we'll see. not over yet! leah - glad it's not flooding. happy back to school to you!


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