Wednesday, January 4, 2012

maine 2

these are the last maine pictures from this year.  

when i look at them, it reminds me - to get outside, to slow down, to see the beauty hanging from a branch.  i always hate saying goodbye.  
of course it is wonderful to come home to our busy happy life.
but when i want to slow down, this is the peaceful place.  
do you have a special vacation spot?


  1. A great reminder indeed. Winter and especially snow does tend to slow everything down. Our favorite vacation spot is Hawaii. It's our annual family vacation. Though, we actually do take the kids to see snow once a year, as well, in Mammoth Lakes. The crunch of snow under boots may be one of my favorite sounds. Strange, but true.

  2. Beautiful! I might be a little biased though ;-) It's funny, since I live in the slow-paced, peacefulness of Maine, when I go on vacation I often want to go to a city! I always love coming home though.

  3. I feel like I am looking at winter scenes from Harbor Springs, Michigan Noreen. I did a tour of it on a friends blog and I am attaching a link to it for you. These are summertime photos, but the feeling of peace is always there the moment I arrive.

    So grateful for having such a spot. Margie

  4. So beautiful and peaceful. Lovely photos:))

  5. So beautiful, Noreen. I just love that lone flag in the woods. The ocean used to be my vacation spot, but we live here now. I'd say mountains then. I miss mountains.

  6. @inspiration - we love the crunch, too!
    @heather - you are biased and lucky - until spring hits here in march or early april - then you can come visit and see the flowers
    @margie - i've been to michigan, and you're right margie. beautiful! thanks for sharing.
    @barefoot - thanks!
    @lauren - i'm coming to visit. i love the beach! mountains also, although i know less about them. let's get outside!


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