Sunday, January 1, 2012

edgerton park, new haven

long, long ago, eli whitney lived on this property.  you can read about edgerton park's history here.  
in 1965, it was given to new haven with the requirement that the main house be torn down.  the greenhouse and carriage house are still in use.  
just outside the greenhouse are community gardens.  
it has lots of space for running and playing.  

the original fountain was replaced in 1991,  

and the stone wall around the park is beautiful.

 eli whitney (inventor of the cotton gin) lived from 1765 - 1825.  that explains the interesting old bridge that goes nowhere.  the ends just stop, and are blocked for safety.  i was tempted to explore closely, but it was 18 degrees.  maybe during a summer visit?
it's a welcoming place.  new year joy to you.  


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