Friday, January 13, 2012

top 5

top 5 things to love about a wednesday night run from newport on the levee in kentucky. 

5.  running over the purple people bridge and being surprised by the lights in the buildings of downtown cincinnati - colorful and reflecting in the ohio river.  
4.  passing the great american ballpark and seeing the statue of johnny bench and remembering how we went to the game when it was dedicated and johnny bench was there.  some of the big red machine players, too.  (johnny is on the screen.)

3.  seeing the wall of baseballs showing pete rose's hits - but from the dark outside the building.  it's very bright and goes up the wall for three stories.
2.  running past the bengals' stadium and seeing the blank will-call signs over the empty stalls, glowing neon, waiting for next football season. 
1.  seeing the roebling bridge in the distance, lights reflecting off the black water, then running over it.  

the bad news?  i forgot my camera.  the good news?  i had these pictures on my computer already.  it was an amazing, warm winter night.  running with a group is the way to go.  i'd never go downtown on a school night otherwise!  

happy weekend! 


  1. I can imagine the air being crisp, cool, and exhilarating to run in. Boo that you forgot you camera, but yay that you had these on your computer - I love when life looks after you like that. Have a great weekend, N!

  2. Expecting better views next run, LOL! Go Noreen! Margie

  3. Sounds like a great run Noreen, and perhaps being with a group meant you needed to leave your camera behind? Just a thought. Sometimes we need to just "be" and not document, ya know? xo


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