Tuesday, January 10, 2012

cincinnati art museum

cincinnati is an old city, and our art museum was founded in 1881.  it has a deep collection with more than 60,000 works covering 6,000 years.  
right now they are showcasing art deco clothing and picasso's prints. 
we visited the gift shop while waiting for friends.  
the building had a major addition in 2003.    
this view is from the above balcony, looking to the main entrance and gift shop.  the chihuly is an eye-catcher!
this area is lit with daylight from a giant skylight above the third floor.  
this dollhouse view is from the modern art floor at the top.  the skylight is above.  
the second floor has a really interesting picasso master prints exhibition until may 13th.  if you click the link, the picasso on top is vaguely like a matisse - not like any picasso i'd seen before.  
 musicians are seated by the balcony playing.  
ah, fresh air.  with six children, we enjoyed our culture fairly quickly that day.  the art museum is a favorite place - and an excellent place for a field trip (free, and the docent volunteers are knowledgeable and friendly).  local museum thoughts?  


  1. What a beautiful space. I love the motion you captured in the second to last photo. I'm sure I already mentioned that your museum visits are inspiring me to make more visits of my own this year. We already did the science museum (with a Star Wars exhibit) last week!

  2. If you had six children with you - well done to get these photos! Great shots! I don't know what "chihuly" means, but I guess it's that blue thing hanging from the ceiling...is it a chandelier? Pretty cool anyway .-)

    I love to go to museums and took my son along a lot when he was younger. Now I have one friend that I really enjoy going to museums, exhibitions and other cultural events with, we just go togehter very well in this context.

    Hope your Wednesday will be great!

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful building and a great outing for the children.

  4. Gorgeous space. I love it when you take us on a tour around your town. We're very lucky here to have the Chrysler Museum, which is sizable given that Norfolk is such a small town. And the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, where I first took photography classes, has a gorgeous Chihuly!

  5. I love Chihily, and I love Cincinnati museums! The doll house view made me dizzy, though. :) Thanks for taking us around, Noreen!

  6. oh wow, looks like a really beautiful place!!

  7. My daughter Lucie just saw the first picture and asked "Is that a Chihuly?" She saw the exhibit at the MFA in Boston. Lovely pictures! You visit the best places.

  8. lauren - what type of art do they have at the chrysler? i'm interested!
    heidi - the doll house view made me feel like i was going to drop the camera. yes, i dropped it in the lake last summer.
    b-mama - it is!
    heather - wow! how old is lucie?
    inspiration - we're coming to visit to go to the star wars museum!
    jamie- the kids were 9 or 10 and up, so- easy, just quick to look through the art.
    catherine - nice to have you visit.


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