Thursday, January 5, 2012

spring grove cemetery

 have you ever heard of a cemetery that welcome walkers, runners, and even weddings?
spring grove cemetery  in cincinnati is one that does.  

 at 150 years old, it is part of cincinnati's history.  in 1995 the board created the heritage foundation to educate the public and promote its natural beauty and historical significance.  
 there are many different types of art.


 as a memento mori, it's very effective.  yet the runners who go by, and the fact that they host maple tree tapping, horticulture education, and weddings make it a part of the circle of life.  
 we followed a 3.8 mile marked trail.  you can get lost if you miss the little trail markers.  
thoughts?  joy and blessings to you.


  1. There's something kind of poignant about the idea of getting married in a cemetery. I'm not sure I'd do it, but I could see the appeal, especially with such beautiful surroundings.

  2. Well, this cemetery (or the way you captured it) doesn't have that spooky feeling that is usually associated with most. In Los Angeles, they have movie night in a Hollywood cemetery. Never been, but wouldn't that be something (especially if it's a horror movie)?

  3. I think it's wonderful. We had a cemetery near where I grew up that was wonderful to play in. I was always drawn to the old ornate tombstones. There's a huge cemetery here (with a large population of yellow fever victims), and I'm always drawn to it, but I've never been in. You've inspired me! Maybe this weekend.

  4. Some of my favourite spots in Malmö where I live is cemeterys. Old trees, scultptures, flowers, the incription on the stones... Peaceful.

    I'm happy you left a comment on my blog, and that you visit me :-) I have seen your comments on Leah's blog too. Happy New Year, see you around!

  5. Noreen, you see so much that I miss. That is both beautiful and poignant. There is an interesting irony to having a wedding at a cemetery. Juxtaposing two such momentous occasions (? maybe that's the wrong way to describe death) seems odd. Not bad, just odd. I do love that quote. It's amazing how much beauty there is in some cemeteries.

  6. Such a beautiful place. I used to run there. It's good to see it again!

  7. What an interesting idea that a cemetery can be a place of life as well.

  8. I find cemeteries very peaceful. You captured that here. Nice Noreen. How was your first week back in the classroom? Margie

  9. I find it to be a really beautiful, peaceful place. I like the idea that they invite the community in for walking, running and special events. It's good for the community, the cemetery and the dead...if that makes sense. Why should a cemetery be a gloomy, scary place? They are important to us as a society - it's up to us to keep them beautiful, loved and respectful.

  10. Wonderful place and what a beautiful description Noreen. My wife took me there for a walk a few month ago. At first I was hesitant, I thought that is was somehow disrespectful to be walking through a place where loved ones had been laid to rest.
    The more I thought about about the more I began to change my viewpoint. It is possible to appreciate the beauty of a place like Spring Grove while at the same time being respectful to it. I feel like a custodian while I am there. I would report if I saw something amiss, or forbid any vandalism. I think it is a good thing have a space like this used by all. As long as we treat it with respect.

  11. @inspiring, you're right. it's not spooky at all. they take meticulous care of it, so you have no spiderwebs or wilted flowers.
    @missb and heather - poignant is a good word for weddings in a cemetery. life is short. let's celebrate it knowing that. but i'm not sure i would have had my wedding there!
    @lauren and jamie- they are so beautiful. lauren, i hope you go. maria, i can see why you love it.
    @beth, come back. we'll run together.
    @janine, i know!
    @margie, it was wonderful and tiring. i'm running at 7:30 tomorrow.
    @anons - thank you for visiting! it is really beautiful and peaceful. it did feel strange to be chatting while walking past gravestones, but you get used to it. you do feel respectful, and no pets are allowed. animals live there - we saw a swan and a heron and ducks. i'll go again someday and get more pictures - there's too much for one visit. joy to you!

  12. What a beautiful place! Cemeteries are certainly provoking in one way or another. I used to live near a cemetery, and sometimes if I were feeling really upset, I'd go there to get away. No one bothers you when you're crying in a cemetery. (And really, I don't cry all the time, I just seem to be mentioning it a lot lately! :) )


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