Monday, January 2, 2012

moma 2

sign printed backwards in the bathroom.  to read it you have to look in the mirror.
they had a big exhibition about diego rivera, and two pieces by his wife, frida kahlo.

seurat's pointillism.  remember "a sunday afternoon at the grande jatte"?
max beckmann's self portrait.  love the furrowed brow and the collar.
paul klee.  really warm colors.  
view from stairway to five stories on the other side of the building.

museums are a place to meet new art friends and encounter their ideas.  the museum of modern art in new york is a thought provoking place.  do you have a favorite museum?


  1. I love the first pic! I've only been to the MOMA once and it was fantastic, can't wait for another Ny trip to visit again.

    Your blog is great, the pics and I really like the clean design.

    Nice to connect via BYW...Happy new year to you!

  2. I don't get to museums as much as I use to (before kids). However, through your lovely photos, I just went on a mini visit. What age do you think I can start taking the kids (they are 4 and 2)? I definitely want them to have an appreciation for art.
    I'm still enjoying all your road trip photos. Moose pond, New Haven, snowy roads...Looks like you're having a great time.
    I like your NY resolution - find time to blog with joy. Let's do that one together ;).

  3. klee is amazing! thanks for the reminder that art moves me. i would love{!} to visit moma in new york. thank you for the beautiful glimpses. thinking of you x

  4. @maui - welcome! nice to have you.
    @inspiration - check your local art museum. ours had "wee wednesdays" for little ones, so i took mine when they were your kids' ages. (while in nyc, though, my honey took the kids to the empire state building while the rest of us got cultured)!
    @leah - thank you. if and when you come visit, i'll meet you there and we'll go to the met and the guggenheim, too!

  5. I LOVE these posts, Noreen! You've done a great job whetting our appetites for more art!

    We just visited the Columbus Art Museum in Ohio, and saw a striking Caravaggio exhibit. My kids loved the Process Room there - we had to drag them out!

    My favorite is the Cleveland Museum of Art. It's close to us, it's big, and old, and seems to never run out of rooms! Plus the grounds are beautiful, and it's FREE!

  6. It IS a beauty! Great captures Noreen. Margie

  7. I said it before, but you are posting about my happy place. I would love to get back to NYC and spend more time there. Pushing it to the top of my list.

    @inspiration: when Callum was younger, we played "scavenger hunts" at the art museum with him. Each room we went into, I would say, "find the orange." or "find the red dog." and so it felt like a game. Just a thought!

  8. @heidi, i really wanted to go to that caravaggio exhibit. we visited that museum in the summer, and they had redesigned it to be more interactive. did you see the glass room? i have pictures of that here - i've always wanted to go to the cleveland museum. how about a road trip next summer?
    @lauren, glad you love it. would love to go see art together one day!

  9. @Noreen and @Lauren - Thanks girls! I'm thinking nothing is holding me back now ;)
    Everyone is on to something here about seeing art together some day. Let's definitely make NY the meeting point.

  10. The MoMA is my favorite museum and I am only 1 hour outside of NYC, so please let me know when you plan this visit!

  11. Noreen! Hi! It's Heidi, I think my moniker on here is heidi4eyes maybe. Your posts are lovely. Danny and I are reading by the fire, got your postcard today and enjoyed it. Thank you.
    Love you!!


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