Monday, January 9, 2012

goodnight ??

this is a classic baby book, and i read it to my children until we knew it by heart.  it was 
 soothing, and the rhyming words helped them go to sleep.  

now there is a new version!

it starts
In the bright buzzing room
There was an iPad
And a kid playing Doom
And a screensaver of --

A bird launching over the moon.
There were three little Nooks
With ten thousand books
And a huge LCD Wi-Fi HDTV.

really amusing for grown-ups.  I had to buy it to share with my friends who may also have the original book memorized.  

it ended happily.  happy reading! 


  1. I am one of those that knows this book by heart. It's a good one. I had no idea they made an alternate version...That's pretty funny.

  2. We know that book by heart too, and the iPad version is AWESOME! Too funny!

  3. haha! Is that real? I've never seen that version. That is really funny:)))

  4. Funny, but not at all as poetic as the original. Well, I haven't read the book myself, but I have heard people read it in films and on tv, and it's so beautiful. Soothing as you say. If I was an american I'm sure I would know it by heart too.

  5. Noreen
    This was such a memory filled walk back in time. I loved to read Goodnight Moon {until we all knew it by heart} to both my kids. It is certainly a piece of beauty in every day life!
    Thank you
    ps-did you ever get my last response? I'm trying to figure out how my comments work.

  6. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. I suppose they did it to reach a new generation. Sigh...Margie

  7. i loved 'goodnight moon'.... and the other "a parody for the next generation".... funny, but also a shame innocence and simplicity seems harder and harder to hold on to.
    sweet dreams xxx {it is night time here}

  8. This is too funny! I read Goodnight Moon every single night to little Lexi!


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