Wednesday, July 25, 2012

christmas in july

it's time to think about christmas,
not in the religious celebration sense, but in the gift-giving and holiday kindness sense.

how about we stop here for a minute, while it's still july, and think about a gift we have received recently.  

and then, let's contemplate a gift we can give.   
who can we surprise with our christmas cheer this week?


  1. Beautifully decorated fireplace...I was thinking of doing Christmas in July this year but quickly realised for me doing it in December was enough! I always think the gift of a homemade treat or dish is very meaningful..people love it and I haven't seen one person yet that hasn't had a huge smile on their face when they've received such a gift. Catherine x

  2. i like that idea Noreen. i'm always a little disgruntled about the fact that we are programmed to do all our visiting, gifting, and good deeds on or around Dec 25th. It's nice to spread cheer in July! Teri

  3. What a lovely idea, Noreen. Well, my July is full of birthdays, so I'm definitely in the giving mode and thinking about how to make others feel special. You're right, it feels good.

  4. a beautiful idea noreen. giving, with kindness and love is such a wonderful thing. it feels so good! xx


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