Thursday, July 19, 2012

cruise workers

These men were 30 feet over the ocean.  Our smaller boat was pulling up to let passengers board.
This Carnival ship had a casino and lots of bars, and they had childcare available until 3 a.m.  Perhaps they needed the security staff late at night?  Don't ask me, I was sleeping.  
The waiter memorized our names on the first night, and although we moved among four tables shared with our large family, he was never confused.
Besides being with family, the best thing about a cruise is not have to grocery shop, cook, and clean.  Knowing how much work it is to do those for a family gives you a wonderful appreciation for all the labor going on around you.  

The decks were swabbed each morning and evening, while chairs put out for daytime use were stacked at night.  
 I have no photos of the army working in the kitchen.  Too busy eating, perhaps?

(The trick with a cruise is not to eat the buffet, but to turn around and ask yourself if you are even hungry!  Otherwise you may certainly gain weight.)  

Here's to the workers.  Many thanks.  


  1. Noreen, I am so glad you did a post on the people behind the scenes on a cruise. Trust you to think of those important pieces of the puzzle! So much goes into a fun, peaceful and seamless experience. So much that we often don't even consider. Thank you for reminding us to consider. xo

  2. I love thes behind the scenes photos. It is so wonderful to truly appreciate the effort and hard work that goes in to making your cruise cruisy. Love that you appreciate the little things. xxx
    p.s and the waiter remembering your names is so special xx

  3. That is very impressive..shifting tables and the waiter still remembering your names..bless. I have a friend who has worked on cruise ships and they work long hours, so much to be done and hard to settle back on dry land if you work on them to long. Thank you for this post. x

  4. Totally agree, such a lovely sentiment to remember those that often get overlooked. These people really do make the trip. They take care of all the little details that make the trip special and memorable.


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