Monday, July 16, 2012

miami 1

as we flew through florida, clouds and marshes changed to urban ft. lauderdale. 
after a cab ride to miami, it was time for flip-flops and swimming.
south beach for dinner, 

and sandy feet before bed. 
do you enjoy traveling?


  1. Miami such a vibrant city in both architecture and people. Hope you had a wonderful time. I do love traveling, the more foreign the better. Though, these days we stick to domestic. I'll take it. ;)

  2. Looks wonderful. Yes to travelling BUT no to pouring rain everywhere I go....

    That last photo is amazing and I'll give anything to be there right now.
    Hope you enjoyed!!!

  3. Noreen-
    I've never been to Miami. How was the weather? Your beach at night photo looks so romantic. Sounds like a great place for some r&r!
    I do like to travel, but l'm more and more fond of home these days! Teri

  4. I love traveling, AND.... I love coming home! I've never been to Miami, and it's a city I'd love to see.

  5. How wonderful... I went to Miami with my parents and sister 33 years ago, so I should think it's changed hugely since then!! We stayed at the Fontainbleu Hilton and the Doral-amazing trip!! :-)

  6. I looove traveling, even being the airport gets me excited :) I love takign pics from the plane's window as well -- I have so many that I forget where they r from hahaha :) Looks like u had a GREAT time ...yaaay!

  7. I love travelling as can't help but change you and broaden your outlook..Miami looks like a fab place for a holiday, would love to tour the US in the future.

  8. i loved travelling to miami with you. your pics make me feel like i'm there. and the beach at dusk, divine! xx


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