Sunday, July 22, 2012

monday colors - echinoderms

montessori lessons include scientific names.  echinoderms are ocean invertebrates, such as sand dollars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers.  they generally have 5-point radial symmetry.
echinoderms can regenerate a part that is cut off, their ossified skeletons contribute to limestone formations, and they have no freshwater or land members.

science is a beautiful thing.  
happy monday! 


  1. love them. i'm sure the kids are fascinated by the sea urchins aren't they. hey, also, yes big surf today. lots of surfers early in the morning. sun never came out by the beach though. bummer. Teri

  2. These natural colours are so beautiful..I'm fascinated by the sea and all it's secrets. Catherine

  3. Yes indeed, in my house especially! Science is a beautiful thing! Happy week to you, dear.

  4. When we went to the aquarium a few weeks ago, the kids both loved touching the star fish. They were fascinated by them and, to your point, for very good reason. Happy new week!

  5. i love montessori teachings. Echinoderms are pretty amazing creatures. Kids would've love your class xx


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