Sunday, July 29, 2012

monday colors - ikea

this should really say, bring new stuff into your home.
for life, you need plants, animals, and friends.  still, i like the black and white patterns.

a 252 square foot model apartment.  this cozy seat was next to a table for two, and would make nice extra seating when guests came.  the storage on either side and above this area was really well designed.  
the couch/bed in the same small space.  
for jamie who shares a daily dose of quirkiness - an enormous hot dog, with a disclaimer.
joy to you.


  1. Isn't Ikea just the best! Their furniture is so clever and affordable. It's great for a little walk around even if you're not going to buy anything if you're feeling naughty you can have a hot dog at the end..a bit of fun!

  2. Ha. Catherine you're so funny.

    I love it how many of you are fans of IKEA. Somehow I've moved on a bit, I think, but still appreciate how they bring affordable design to the masses.

    These days I prefer buying from small designers or have something more unique.
    Happy week Noreen x

  3. Ha-ha, Ikea made a funny. That disclaimer on the hot dog signage is hilarious. So, did you get any new stuff?

  4. I love how Ikea styles their showroom (and catalogs) ... pops of color ... looking 'lived in/comfort'. Also a fan of their $0.50 hot dogs yum!!


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