Monday, July 23, 2012


 lovely pond.  see the ducks?
 they are climbing now onto the gaps between the white walking area.
 i wanted to go see the ducks, and they wanted to come see me.  a happy meeting.  well..
happy for me.  the ducks wanted bread or crackers.  
next time i'll know what to bring to the pond.
joy to you.


  1. What LOVELY steps across the pond! And I love the duckling peeking in between the steps :)

  2. It always surprises me how big ducks are when they are out of the water. When they're in the water, they look so much smaller. Next time you will come prepared and the ducks will love you.

  3. I always love seeing ducks. Never get tired of it, and the babies. I can't get enough of baby ducks. So sweet. Teri

  4. I LOVE ducks.

    Yesterday, while getting lost somewhere in the depth of East London, I came a cross a pond. Ducks were happily mooching around.

    There were also some pigeons. Suddenly a car stopped and this young chap came out and opened a pouch of bird food and fed everyone... I smiled at him and he told me he does that on a regular basis. Aww!!!

    Love your photos. What a great treat on a Monday morning....

  5. Greedy devils, aren't they? Good thing they're so sweet! We tend to have loads and loads of Canada Geese around here. Cal and I would often be in stopped traffic on our way to school as a family of geese and goslings would cross our path. Not a bad reason to be late!

  6. Such a beautiful water crossing. The ducks are sweet, they seem to graze constantly. We have some of the sweetest wild ducklings that have just hatched. They hang out down on the flats. I love how their mama is so protective of them xxx

  7. I love ducks, I remember as a child what a treat it was to go to the park with stale bread to feed the ducks.


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