Sunday, September 16, 2012

end of the hall

 lost at the athenaeum, i found classrooms.  i texted my husband, "i'm here.", "come in.", "in."  no response.  me: "by the library".  him:  "other end of the building."
 down the hall.  the light was really beautiful and dramatic.
 the end of the hall opened into a room with a very high vaulted ceiling.
 the room was a warm color, and classical art hung on the walls.  
someone entering through the door above genuflected and i turned - ah!  i was in the entry to the church.  
   i texted my spouse, "where are you?  i'm at the other end."  "outside."  
so i went outside to the celebration, and later we took a guided tour.  in addition to the large church, they have this
 small chapel, which has stars above and some
lovely mosaics.  
joy to you.  


  1. This place is huge and beautiful..thank goodness for mobile phones now. Look forward to seeing a pic of your daughters birthday cake soon. xx

  2. I think I can hear angels singing!

  3. [smile] I love reading the text messages between you and your husband.
    The church is gorgeous. I have to say that I really do love a beautiful church. When I lived on the East Coast, where there seemed to be an old church every few blocks, I would walk in just to look at the breathtaking architecture, stained glass, and soaring ceilings. It would make me instantly feel calm.

  4. wow, absolutely beautiful!

    ps hope all is well with you:)))

  5. My gosh what a beautiful place. And what did we do before mobile phones?


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