Wednesday, September 12, 2012

icons of the collection

 new this year at the cincinnati art museum, the icons from the collection display highlights individual works of art between black curtains.  it reminds the viewer to see and appreciate each piece of art.
 you enter separate black-curtained areas, and see one piece of art.
 then you can focus on duveneck's portrait.  
the work is important.
 this feels a bit funny with mushroom soup.  andy warhol anyone?

i wonder if they will change these icons each month or quarter?  they have 60,000 works of art, so it makes sense to me.  
joy to you!  


  1. What a great distractions and makes you focus purely on the piece of art. Love this.

  2. what a brilliant concept! blocking out all other visual distractions to focus purely on the art.
    yes, i think the campbells soup can may be warhol.

  3. I like this concept very much, especially for those who are attention challenged. I wonder if people spend more time looking at each piece? I have a feeling I would.


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