Tuesday, September 25, 2012

top 5 - oktoberfest zinzinnati

 5.  a bahama mama - spicy meat with sauerkraut on top.  

 4.  the handmade pretzels

 3.  people in hats and food i do not recognize.  what is strudel?  goetta?
 2.  our hometown servattii bakery, which had
 these two friendly people working.  how can you resist?

oktoberfest.  ours is a german town.  
joy to you.


  1. Appears to be a fun event. That man swinging the pretzels definitely knows his stuff. Hm, so what did you have?

  2. What fun! It's before breakfast and I could totally go for one of those pretzels! I'm with Theresa...what did you have?

  3. coincidence. i went to our local Oktoberfest celebration last Friday night. we have a little German town called Alpine Village. i hadn't been there in years. yours German village/ Oktoberfest looks very friendly. ours is a little run down.

  4. We enjoyed Schmidt's when we drove through Columbus last year! Our Oktoberfest is this weekend, but I don't think I'll have time to get out there.

  5. I like the sound of the real Austrian style strudel in apple, cherry, cheese or apricot..the germans do dessert so well.


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