Thursday, September 20, 2012

top 5 - rules of civility

this book will absorb you and not let you close it.  a story of two girls living in a rooming house, and their contact with a young man of a very different social class.  

so here's the top 5 reason's i recommend this book - 

5.  the period - new years eve, 1937, through the year following.
4.  the main character's love of books.
3.  the car wreck!  just when the story is moving plenty fast, watch out!
2.  the words the characters use.  they are from that time, yet sound modern.
1.  the use of president washington's copying the rules of civility as a key plot device.  

if you enjoy historical fiction, you may love this book.
happy reading.


  1. Sounds intriguing. For our book club this month, we are reading The Great Gatsby. I've never read The Rules of Civility, but they sound similar. Guess I just have to read them both and find out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I would add a 6th item to your list: the ending, which I didn't predict despite the fact that a big clue was right out in the open.

  3. I absolutely adored this book! My dad loved it so much when he read it that he started it over as soon as he finished it! I may need to pull it out again.


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