Friday, September 28, 2012

top 5 - fly guy

children's books are so important.  as a teacher, i enjoy helping to create avid readers.  these books get young ones do the hard work of learning to read.  first or second grade students choose these, although they are not phonics readers.  

here's my top 5:
5.  girls like them.
4.  rhyming words build reading skills.
3.  fly guy plays football.
2.  there are lots of them, so once hooked, children keep having fun (practicing their reading),
1.  boys like them. 

happy reading!


  1. Part of me is SO sad that we're past this phase of books...but I revel in the fact that we can read and talk about the same books now. And boy do we love a series! Great list, Noreen!

  2. Noreen, just last night the moms in our family were gathered and talking about needing good book recommendations for first and second graders. Particularly ones that don't teach young girls how to be sassy or use the word "stupid." I will definitely pass these along to them. (My own children have a couple more years, but I'll make sure to get the hand-me-downs.) Thank you!


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