Monday, September 3, 2012

shapes at the museum

 art museums are a joy.  the cincinnati art museum is an imposing structure, but
 it's pretty torn up at the moment.
 park your bike, or have a valet take care of your car.  
 as you enter, look up and you will see the lego part of the building.
 right now the museum is showing icons of the collection separated by these black curtains.  (what child would not like to play with them?)

 this weekend, they were having a wedding party here.  
 chairs ready, tables stashed nearby.  a beautiful place for a party.
miro or alexander calder?  i forget.
lovely, though.  
more on the art museum later this week.
joy to you.


  1. Wouldn't this be a wonderful place to have your wedding, looks like a great place to wander around on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. x

  2. Hmmm...that mobile could go either way. The shapes are Calder, but the colors are more Miro. Neel loves Miro, so I'll have him take a look. I love the way you showed us the museum through the shapes, especially the legos! Happy week, dear!

  3. this was such a unique, interesting way to photograph the museum. much love xx

  4. What a beautiful place for a wedding! I'm going with Calder, but give us an update when you find out for sure. I would love to have one of those mobiles in my home. Thanks for sharing the lovely museum pics, Noreen.


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