Monday, September 3, 2012

top 5 - coffee emporium

 top five reasons i love coffee emporium:
5.  five locations
4.  they use a local dairy for milk, and sell other local treats
3.  the east hyde park store has outdoor seating
2.  they sell chocolats latour.  in particular, the sea salt and almond bar is delicious, but also the chocolate art at holiday times (chocolate christmas lights, for example).
1.  taste!  the best decaf mocha (hot or cold) ever.

do you have a favorite coffee place?
since today is labor day, maybe you'll have time for a cup.
joy to you.


  1. Hi Noreen, hope you had a great Labour Day holiday. Love the window display in the cafe and you definitely had me at sea salt and almond chocolate bar. I love good coffee too, hate it when I take that first sip and it's only warm or doesn't taste good. Enjoy your week.

  2. I have a thing for coffee places. I'll take any opportunity I can to take my computer and sit in a coffee place for a while. We have a new one here was started by a New Zealand fellow. Has the best coffee, but not very cozy and warm. So mostly I'll sit at a Peets or Starbucks to do work while sipping. xo Teri

  3. local milk and local treats! such a bonus! i don't drink coffee.... but love tea xx

  4. We have a local coffee shop owned by an Italian family, Aroma di Roma. It's quite good and I like supporting a smaller coffee establishment. They also serve their coffee in proper cups as opposed to paper, which is nice. However, that's not to say that I don't still visit Starbucks. Happy Monday!


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