Friday, September 7, 2012


start with a fruity drink, some
spices and broth.
wait patiently or
throw a salad together.
eventually, you have it:
(thank you, maria!)

here's hoping you have some delicious food in your weekend plans.
joy to you.


  1. Looks scrumptious! I ALWAYS have good food in the plans! Eat, drink and be merry, pretty much my motto!!

  2. Looks delicious. Nothing like a good paella.

  3. Noreen, this looks spectacular!!! What a fantastic way to feed a crowd, I'm very excited to see this. What was the paella pan sitting on to cook it? Beautiful, love this post. Catherine x

  4. This looks amazing! Beautifully photographed. This definitely looks like a meal to share with those you love xx

  5. @janine - it WAS delicious. saffron is one spice. it's a long process, but so worth it (if you are not in a hurry - so YOU better wait until school is out and you are on vacation!)
    @catherine - the paella pan was on a stand that was hooked to a gas heat source.
    @leah - come to the usa, and we'll go have some!

  6. Oh my goodness, that paella looks so good, Noreen. One of my favorite dishes to eat, when I can order it in a restaurant. :) I've never attempted to make it. My uncle makes cioppino every now and then, and it's so yummy.

  7. omg, it loooooks soooo delicious. I think I can even smell the broth brewing.

  8. I've been gone forever and I missed so much! I love this post! I love your photos of the food. I could reach right in and eat every bite, and I love how you told the story of waiting....or making a salad! Love.


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