Friday, September 14, 2012


 at the athenaeum of ohio for a celebration, i got lost, and so took a walking tour.  
 up the steps, through the large wooden doors, and up more steps, there is a hallway.  now i know from a later guided tour that the tile on each side is rookwood pottery, circa 1929.  out the doors on the left, you find
  a mirror hallway, just outside.  how about that bench for some peaceful reading?
 this huge building is lovely.  
so glad i got lost.  
joy to you!


  1. Gorgeous and yes, a good place to lose your way!

  2. Noreen, I used to get lost there all the time as a kid when I visited my uncle who lived there. A beautiful place that is right in our back yard. I have great memories of that place though not the same as when it was full of seminarians.

  3. Lovely building to get lost in for an afternoon xx

  4. Such beautiful architecture and surroundings. Not a bad place to get lost. Yes, I would love to sit on that bench and read a good book.

  5. What a wonderful place to get lost! I love old houses like that and would gladly get lost and wander for days. I can't wait to read and uncover what your next post reveals!


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