Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 they have bonsai trees, 
 and winding paths with
 goldfish swimming between them.  
 it's such a visual feast, you really need this sign to remind you to look up.
 the short tunnel behind the waterfall leads to 
 this view.  
 remember to look up.  there are the bananas!


  1. I love all the green! Just what we need in the middle of winter! And that's a great sign! Painted banana yellow.

  2. Noreen-
    Thanks for the bday message. I love this Krohn place. So pretty and peaceful. I love any place where I can walk and see pretty things. Teri

  3. Aah, my kind of place! Lovely Noreen.

  4. This looks like a wonderful way to spend the day. Did you know that it takes somewhere around two years for bananas to grow? We went on a farm tour once and the guide informed us of this fact. I hope I'm remembering it correctly. :) The waterfall is my favorite part.

  5. I'm with Theresa I love the waterfall, my husband though would love the bonsai, he's trying to keep one alive at the moment.


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