Monday, February 13, 2012

love is colorful

 if you are ever in columbus, ohio, be sure to stop by this conservatory.  pay no attention to the snow on the bushes - it's summer break inside.
 chihuly's glass ceilings in the desert area will warm you.

 the conservatory was built in 1895.  do these children hanging over the fence remind you of anyone?  
 old cars.
 hmm.  visitors from the past?
 an enormous whirling valentine from chihuly (and me).  hope you have a lovely and loving day.  


  1. I feel warmer already! Noreen, these photos are gorgeous! I especially love #2 and #3. Wonderful! (p.s. - I love the Conservatory too!)

  2. The Chihuly glass is stunning! The glass art is fitting perfectly into your summer break idea. What a wonderful place to escape to and spend some time. N, I escaped to the LACMA on Sunday with the kids in tow. We all had a really great time and I now plan to do it more often. (I thought of you as we looked at all the amazing art.)

  3. I would love to walk around in there! I'm really longing for plants...

    Thanks so much for your kind words during my break! I'm back now and feel so much better! Love Maria

  4. I love your summer break theme. We had thundersnow this past weekend, but not enough snow to amount to much. I've given up on winter and I'm ready for real spring. Not this gray, 50s and chilly.

    And that Chihuly is stunning. There's one in the place where I took my photography classes, and I get to go and visit it later this week!

  5. It looks lovely! We drove through Columbus last summer on our way to Washington DC and considered stopping at some place where the bushes are shaped like the people in the famous Seraut painting, I think? Not sure if that is the same place. But we ended up having lunch at a place in German Town instead.

  6. the glass ceilings are stunning. it'd be lovely to lay on a blanket and just look at the ceiling. basking is th beautiful coloured light. you are looking forward to spring, and i am in anticipation for autumn... much love xxx


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