Friday, February 17, 2012


well, it's a great summer break - wait!  what's out the window?
looking down, through the hallway window - snow?
can't be!  here we are - chihuly, summer-bright.
warm air, flowering plants, and another chihuly behind the plants, 
but look out the window.  
you can see the cognitive dissonance one has here.
here it is, though.  the real outside.
even the outdoor sculptures are covered in snow.
goodbye franklin park conservatory.  time to go back to winter.  it was a lovely summer dream.  happy weekend!


  1. Thank you for summer dreamin' for us, Noreen! We're supposed to get some sort of mini-winter event tomorrow night, and all our fingers are crossed! Sleeping with a spoon under our pillows for sure!

    I have another book on food I think you might like. I'll respond to your comment and write about it next week. I'm such a tease, but we're on the way to basketball and it's up by my bedside! xo

  2. It looks lovely both inside and outside, but I can understand that it can be confusing :-)

    I hope you will have a great weekend Noreen! Love Maria

  3. Such a juxtaposition - snowy wintry white outside and bright summery splash inside. A great photo essay.

  4. your summer dreams are lovely! i am dreaming of winter. cooler weather, darkness descending earlier. life slowing down a bit. thank you for the beauty xxx

  5. Can u send some snow to new york please .... I am looking fwd to making snow penguins this year, but no snow yet :(

  6. I have so enjoyed this summer break series with you. I've heard that States that usually have pretty harsh winters are having pretty mild ones this year. I'm wondering if that's been your experience, as well. So glad that you have Franklin Park to escape to whatever the weather.


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