Monday, February 27, 2012


today at recess i saw my first moth flying, wings white in the sunshine.  before the beauty of winter is gone, we need to really see it and appreciate it.  

bare branches and mud brown earth.  
joy to you!


  1. I agree. We are having a rainy day today. It's supposed to come and go quickly, but we need the rain here since we have hardly had any rain since last spring. I love the grey clouds and I'm savoring every minute of this cloudy day. Teri

  2. It still looks like winter in those photos. Water always is the last to turn around, I think. We have signs of spring all around over here, crocus, forsythia, birdsong. Days are getting longer.

  3. I have noticed the days getting longer - A sure sign. Teri and I don't live far from each other. So, we're both getting some much needed rain today, and it's windy. I enjoy a good rain spell, as well. It washes everything clean.

  4. You are an expert at noticing the everyday beauty = your blogs name is very well suited for you!

    Thanks for the get better-comment. A pile of paper tissues is growing behind my bed, but I hope to be well soon.

    Have a beautiful day! Love Maria

  5. Beautiful as always Noreen. It's funny in our town we don't have such a distinction between season - no snow in winter - not many trees that lose their leaves in autumn - really it's just the temperature that changes.

  6. Ahhh, the water still shows signs of winter... but not for long. Truly beautiful moments. Time to pause and breathe. xxx


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