Tuesday, February 21, 2012

wednesday colors

 one day when we lived in kansas city and my son was a toddler, i was trying to light the gas fireplace.  the flames shot out and burned my eyebrows.  it terrified me.  what would have happened if i had gotten on fire, and my little one was playing behind me?  i never used the fireplace again.  we've lived now in this house for seven years, and never used it here either.  until this christmas, when i got the best gift.  my husband had a fireplace company come and check it, fix it up, and make it so easy to turn on and off.  it warms up our family room.  so for belated monday colors, here are the colors of cozy (and safe).  what's beautiful where you are?


  1. A wonderful gift of light and warmth. Yay!

  2. The fireplace looks like an angry face. :) Can you see it. All kidding aside, that was a) a scary story (I have toddlers so I can relate to that ill feeling) and b) a wonderful gift from your other half. Let's see, what's beautiful? Well, it's dark outside my window now. My inspiration board is in front of me and so I'm looking at photos of my kids. Thanks for reminding me to look up and around.

  3. What a wonderful gift from your husband! I can't imagine life without our fireplace, and I'm so glad you have yours back (although I can't blame you at all for not wanting to hang with it for awhile!). Enjoy! Although it is 70 here today.

  4. Noreen, that is such a sweet gift. Love and warmth and your eyebrows still intact. Enjoy the warmth!
    Beauty.... it's everywhere. in the voices of my kids, the green-ness of our garden, the smell of a yummy dinner cooked by my partner... En-JOY!!! xxx

  5. @theresa - so funny. you're right! it's like a muppet - oscar the grouch with a fire going!
    @lauren - i'm lucky in my relatives. thanks for sharing what's beautiful.

  6. scary! I'm happy you feel safe with your fireplace now.

    Beautiful today was the sun shining and the spring feeling in the air. Hope it lasts!


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