Wednesday, February 15, 2012


it's so romantic at the conservatory.  they charge professional photographers to use it.  i can imagine wedding parties here in their finery.
summer with the flowers.
i can see how complex and beautiful they are, 
but don't know the varieties or anything about 
growing them.  
orchid fan?  


  1. YES! total orchid fan! lover of orchids. they are quite special to me now, as i gave an orchid plant to my mum for her 60th birthday...

  2. I love orchids when you can see them in a hot house environment. You can really see all the different kinds and it's amazing what a miracle of nature they are with their shapes and colors. Teri

  3. I'm also a huge orchid fan. They are very temperamental. They don't like too much water, direct sun light, or water on their leaves. They love a warm, steamy environment. On a windowsill by the kitchen sink, this spot has proven beneficial. I usually buy them and end up throwing them out when all the flowers fall off. However, I have now owned one for three years and have gotten it to flower twice. That's no small feat for me. Beautiful photos of some different varieties.

    PS~Oh, Leah...

  4. I love orchids! I've had some phalaenopsis orchids in the past but I always kill them, Oh, woe is black thumb me!... Those are so beautiful!!!

  5. You just added a little sunshine to my morning! Thank you!!!


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