Sunday, February 5, 2012

monday colors

happy monday!  my husband tells me that super bowl sunday is second only to thanksgiving for most food consumed.  do you find that to be true?  do you stay up until the end of the game?  (don't ask me who won, i'll be sleeping.)   
this week i've got a photo book review coming and my top 5 things to do to encourage boys to be bookworms.  happy new week!


  1. I'm here early. I read that the amount of chicken wings that will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday can circle the globe, twice! Food for thought. Looking forward to your top 5 things to encourage boys to read. Last night, I read the first few pages of Harry Potter (Book 1) to my son. He was definitely interested, but not quite ready.

  2. super bowl sunday is a foreign concept to me. i don't watch sport... i don't even know who plays who in australian rugby league...
    but boys and reading!!! love it! i love that my son who is now 12 has been an avid reader from a young age. look forward to your post xxx

  3. Loved Madonna's performance at Super Bowl, what a HUGE event.

  4. We watched every. single. play! But you knew we would, didn't you?!


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